Merry meet and merry part.

Well, it has come down to this. I’m closing up shop.

I started this blog when I thought I was going to have to move to another country and keep a myriad of friends and family updated on what I was doing and on the growth of Archie Jr. When that didn’t happen I thought I would make it an honest to goodness real blog about Viking archaeology and going back to school.


“And now I just sit back and wait to get internet famous…”

I did enjoy it. I met some cool people from all around the world, learned some neat things, and processed through writing a number of issues and questions that I had about life, the universe and everything. But it’s time to go.The reasons for that are kind of all bound up together but I’ll try to tease them apart a bit.

First, there’s a personal standard of quality. As I mentioned before I went on hiatus, I think I’ve already written about all the topics I know of that would make a good blog post. This leaves me with the option of conducting research for the blog, bluffing my way through, or repeating things I’ve already written on. I am of the opinion that if I’m going to do a blog, I should do a good blog, and I don’t have the time or energy to do that.

Second, I’m kind of sick of the sound of my own voice. The internet is where we all go to scream into the void. Maybe what we scream will mean something to an anonymous stranger out there. Maybe not. But we mainly scream for ourselves and I don’t feel the need to anymore. Some things have happened in my personal life recently that have given me pause, and I have concluded that my creative energy should be spent more close to home right now.

Third, I have a dissertation to write. I am in its early stages and need to dedicate my writing and research skills to this thing that will be the foundation of my academic career. Simple as that.


I got this…

I will be going through the blog in the coming weeks trimming away a few articles – mainly personal, non-Viking related posts – but I will leave up some of the more popular and relevant ones. To those of you who followed this blog with some regularity, I really am grateful to you. I met some interesting people and learned some interesting things. If you are interested in carrying on correspondence, you can send an e-mail to bonediggerdad .at. and if you are as cool as you seem and aren’t a bent-out-of-shape skinhead, I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for being my audience, everyone!


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One Response to Merry meet and merry part.

  1. I come to this late, but it’s sorry news from the reader’s perspective, this was always an entertaining and readable blog (though I see how, if you’ve set your standards high like that…). Anyway, good luck with the dissertation and whatever is up closer to home, thankyou for for the writing!

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